Software Developed by PV Logiciels

PvLog LicenseManagerKiller 64 Itanium  v.1.0

The purpose of PvLog LicenseManagerKiller is to warn against the inefficiency of managing licenses in 100% managed code.

PvLog DeObfuscator x64  v.1.3

PvLog Deobfuscator is a MSIL code optimizer.

PvLog DeObfuscator Itanium  v.1.3

PvLog Deobfuscator is a MSIL code optimizer.

DotNetTools Win32  v.1.0

dotNet Tools is a freeware suite that includes dotNet Sniffer, PvLog DeObfuscator and PvLog LicenseManagerKiller.

DotNet Sniffer Win32  v.2.0

dotNet Sniffer uses the .NET profiler API to save assemblies loaded from memory. Once a module is handled by the .NET Framework, dotNet Sniffer saves it to disc if it was loaded from memory. Some tools are changing the module (decrypt methods ...

DotNet Sniffer 64-bit Itanium  v.2.0

dotNet Sniffer 2 uses the .

DotNet Protector  v.6.0.6086

dotNet Protector is a powerful .NET code protection system that prevents your assemblies from being decompiled..

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