Software Developed by Oculo Ltd

Oculo TriPeaks  v.

Tri Peaks, Nestor, Vertical, Pyramid and Golf all-in-1. Completely free! Play features: o fast load and restart o unlimited undo and redo moves o detailed help, glossary, and FAQs o easy click play o full game stats o hi-res quality vector graphics

Oculo Thieves  v.

Discover Oculo Thieves, a FREE collection of Solitaire games for Windows Phone 7. Featuring 14 games, enjoy classics such as 40 Thieves and Wheatsheaf, or try your hand at some lesser known gems. Hone your solitaire skills as you journey through

Oculo Spider  v.

Featuring 12 games. Enjoy classics such as Spider and Scorpion, or try your hand at some other gems. Hone your solitaire skills as you take a journey through deep caves. Watch your step as you try to make it out alive! Perfect for that idle moment

Oculo Solitaire  v.

Discover Oculo Solitaire, the largest FREE collection of solitaire classics for Windows Phone 7. Guaranteed to give you hours of entertainment, the 45 games include all the greatest hits of solitaire including Klondike, Spider, Freecell, Golf, Tri

Oculo Klondike  v.

Take a journey and follow the gold rush to the old river beds of the Klondike. Find the gold and go from rags to riches! Oculo Klondike is collection of 11 releated solitaire games for Windows Phone 7. Perfect for that idle moment, a delay at the

Oculo FreeCell  v.

Freecell, Beleaguered Castle and more. Completely free and no adverts! Perfect for that idle moment - a delay at the airport, the commute to the office, a rainy day on vacation or maybe a sneaky play at work. Just give it a try. Play features: o

Oculo Cards  v.

Discover Oculo Cards, one of the largest and fastest growing solitaire collections available on Windows Phone 7. Download the trial version and you'll get a collection of FREE games to keep and access to one journey. With over 125 games in total

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