Software Developed by Mike L Anderson

Zoo2Goo  v.1.1

Zoo2Goo is a game that lets you play biological detective.

Toys and Trees  v.1.3

Is there a connection between toys, factories and trees?

The Freudian Slot Machine  v.1.0

A freeware slot machine simulator.

Survival of the Florid screensaver  v.3.0.4

A simple freeware screensaver and simulator of natural selection involving butterflies and flowers that addresses the question whether evolution and creation are logically incompatible.

Simulaids  v.1.9.9

Simulaids is a freeware HIV/AIDS simulator.

MakersMind  v.1.1

MakersMind is a freeware scientific inference game.

Guns and Moses  v.1.0

Guns and Moses is freeware simulator of the effect of gun availability and control on homicide levels.

Face the Facts  v.2.4

Face the Facts is a freeware data presentation tool.

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