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Tune my bass  v.

A simple application that plays the standard bass notes for tuning your bass guitar by ear. -----VERSION 1.1----- -Upgraded to Windows Phone 7.5 Mango -Various bug

Timezone Converter  v.

Converts a date/time from one time-zone to another. This application is great for scheduling international trips as well as convenient times for overseas conference calls, webinars and phonecalls to friends and relatives. Most other applications

Social Mix  v.

This application allows you to update your status on various social networks all at once. Just type in your status and then choose which social networks you would like to include. Supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Windows Live. Social Mix

Snowball Ninja  v.

Sick of snotty nosed kids? Want to hit them with snowballs? Now you can with this action packed 'shoot em up' from Mayhem Software. Test your speed, skill and accuracy by throwing snowballs at kids. Make sure you avoid the police or you'll get

Rescue Ring  v.

Have you ever wanted to get out of that boring meeting or uncomfortable blind date? Rescue Ring allows you to schedule a fake call for precisely that reason. Simply select a date/time and just wait for your fake call. Rescue Ring is the only fake

Fb Viewer  v.

Stay in touch with your friends and family with this full featured facebook application for Windows Phone. Check your newsfeed or timeline, update your status, send messages, search for friends, upload photos and more. Fb Viewer is the most complete

Camera Flashlight  v.

Turns your phone into a flashlight by activating the camera's flash. NO BLINKING, NO LAME WHITE SCREEN!!! One of the only true flashlight apps on Windows Phone 7. Most other apps either cause the flashlight to blink or turn your phone's screen

Beat My Drum  v.

An application for playing beats in real time on your phone. "Beat My Drum" simulates a seven piece drum kit with kick, snare, and tom drums as well as hi-hat, ride and crash cymbals. Unlike many drum machine apps this application allows you to

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