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Subscription Manager  v.1.2

This add-in automatically adds and deletes subscribers to and from MS Outlook 2000/XP mailing lists. The software bases its actions on special e-mails from subscribers, which contain commands in the Subject field. The software processes subscribe,

Redirect  v.1.3

This provides you with the opportunity to redirect messages instead of forwarding them. It appears on the toolbar near the Reply and Forward buttons. The recipient of the redirected message will see it just as you saw it when it was delivered to you.

Quick Templates for Microsoft Outlook  v.2.0

Quick Templates for Microsoft Outlook enables you to quickly insert frequently used text templates into new email messages.

Print Tools for Microsoft Outlook  v.1.7.7

Print Tools for Microsoft Outlook is an add-in for printing of incoming and outgoing messages and/or attachments. Unlike the built-in Outlook print features, it can print the messages automatically without even opening them (triggered by a rule),

Messenger Journaling  v.1.0

This MS Outlook add-in is designed to save message history for MSN Messenger or Windows Messenger to Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP

MAPILab Toolbox for Outlook  v.3.3.0

MAPILab Toolbox for Outlook is a set of 18 useful add-ons for Microsoft Outlook, that are aimed at improved workflow and email efficiency. They include scheduled emails (with optional attachments), address extraction, message auto-fill,

MAPILab Reports for Domain Security  v.1.0

MAPILab Reports for Domain Security is a utility solution for reporting about domain security of organization. The product includes over 40 reports.Key features: 1. Agentless data collection. All data is collected remotely, without installation of

Mailing List Service  v.1.1

This program is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP designed to export and import contacts and mailing

E-mail Follow-Up for Microsoft Outlook  v.1.10

E-mail Follow-Up for Microsoft Outlook adds an extra button to the Send Message dialog, which allows you to send the message with an additional follow-up reminder, The software monitors your Inbox and will remind you after a user defined period (e.

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