Software Developed by Macally

Macally USB Mouse/Trackball  v.6.0

Macally USB Driver for OSX contains MacOS X compatible drivers for the Macally USB mouse and trackballs (for iMousePro/ iBallPro/ iMouseJr.

Macally PCI to USB Driver  v.2.0

Macally PCI to USB Driver contains a driver for the Macally PCI to USB.

Macally iStick Driver  v.1.2

Macally iStick Driver should be used with the Macally iStick.

Macally iShock  v.2.0.5

The iShock is a programmable USB game controller with a combination of thumbstick and button allows forhigher versatility and better performance in games.

Macally iMousePro & iBallPro Driver  v.2.1

Macally iMousePro & iBallPro 2.

Macally iMediaKey X Driver  v.2.0.3

MacAlly iMediaKey contains the drivers for the iMediaKey, making it compatible with Mac OS X.

Macally ICEKey Driver  v.1.1

Macally ICEKey Driver contains special drivers to enhance the functionality of the Macally ICEKey 108-button USB slim keyboard.

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