Software Developed by Kailash

Yahoomail  v.

This app is about Yahoomail and its details for its

Windows_Phone_Reviews  v.

This app gives you an edge over others in knowing about windows

Wikipedia  v.

This app takes you to the place where you will get an authentic information for

Walmart  v.

This app will make you easy in purchasing through

Vishnu_Sahasranama  v.

This app tells you about Vishnu

Translations  v.

This app gives an easy way to know translated word of your required

TNEB  v.

This app gives an way to do things easily in TNEB and know about

Times_of_India  v.

this app is for Times of india

Test_Cricket_Quiz  v.

This is check's your talent on Test cricket

Tennis_Quiz  v.

This app test's your knowledge on

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