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Industrial Skyline of India  v.1.0

The Industrial Skyline of India, is designed to help industrial marketers, strategists, researchers and academics understand the industrial profile of every state and district in India.

Indicus Consumer Spectrum  v.1.0

Help marketers understand the essence of 33 Consumer Segments, which together represent the entire urban spectrum of India. It highlights the key features which make each segment distinctive.

Indian Financial Scape

For all 593 districts, information on (across Income classes, Socio economic classes, Rural, Urban) - Financial services penetration - insurance, credit, deposits, etc., Demography, Market Size, Asset penetration including financial assets, Credit and

Indian Development Landscape

For all distrcits of India information on Education, Health, Economic Status, Infrastructure, Demography, Empowerment, crime, and more, estimated at two points in time 2001 and 2008. Enables you to get the current scenario across various parameters.

Housing Skyline of India

The product inculdes information on Vehicle ownership, Demography (household size categories, income categories, age categories), Savings by income categories, Employment and employment growth rate, rainfall and temperature, CPI for housing, Housing

District GDP of India

District GDP of India, 2006-07 brings out the estimates on Gross Domestic Product across sectors at district level for all states and UTs of the country. These estimates provide information for all 593 districts in India covering important economic

City Skyline of India Neighbourhood

The City Skyline of India - Neighbourhood Series divides the cities into neighbourhoods which are as small as a few square kms. Info on Income,expenditure,neighbourhood,market,consumer profile at neighbourhood levels It brings out information on consumer

City Skyline of India

Identification of markets and target consumers at the city level is becoming increasingly important in the wake of growing competition. Provides information on types of consumers, market sizes, their income, savings and expenditure patterns. The top 112

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