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Quick-Snap  v.3.0

With the Quick-Snap Movie Tool you can save frames from any movie file, or convert any image (including PFD, GIF etc) to jpeg with one click.

Picture in Picture iMovie Plugin Pack  v.3.0

About Picture in Picture iMovie Plugin PackAllows you to choose any QuickTime readable Image or Movie file from your hard-disk and use as either the background for your clip, or overlay it on your movie.

IMovie Pop Effects Plug-in  v.4.0.1

iMovie Pop Effects Plug-in contains many effects that you've seen on music videos, tv shows etc.

IMovie Picture in Picture Plug-in  v.4.0.1

Picture in Picture plugin pack allows you to choose any movie or image file and use it as either the background or an overlayed image for your movie clip.

IMovie Distort and Morph  v.4.0.1

Distort and Morph is an iMovie plug-in solution that offers high-quality Morph and Distortion effects and transitions.

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