Software Developed by Image Information Systems Ltd.

K-PACS Workstation  v.

K-PACS is a general viewing application, which comes along with a cool freeware-- the DICOM Viewer.

K-PACS  v.1 5

Patient level table and thumbnail previews in browser dialog, modifyable annotations CD/DVD creation with internal library. Is a general viewing application only. Query/Retrieve SCU on patient, study and series level.

IQ-WEBX  v.6. 2. 2003

iQ-WEBX is a complete, easy-to-use and affordable solution for storage, viewing and distribution of any medical imaging studies and reports.

IQ-ROBOT  v.2 1

iQ-ROBOT is a convenient robot solution for managing the burning and printing of patient CDs and DVDs from any modality or workstation using PRIMERA* robot systems.

DICOMAnonymize  v.

If a user plans to anonymize a lot of DICOM files for scientific use, there are a few tools to do this manually by command line interactions.

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