Software Developed by Icetips Alta LLC

Icetips XP-Theme  v.3.0.133

Icetips XP-Theme helps you give your Clarion apps a modern, up-to-date XP/Vista/Win7 look and feel in minutes. You just have to add the global template to your application, re-compile, and your work is done.

Icetips SQL Browse  v.6 2

Are you working with SQL databases in Clarion? Then you need the Icetips SQL browse templates! They will speed up your queries and data transfers, allow you to build complex filters, access stored procedures and SQL functions.

Icetips Magic Buttons  v.2.0

The Icetips Magic Buttons come to the rescue! You can now use any graphics to add to your buttons to spice them up and give your programs a new, hot look - or a new, cool look if you like! You can use the Magic Buttons with Clarion 4, 5, 5.5, 6.

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