Software Developed by ITSTH

Templates for the Hotel Helpdesk  v.1.00

Use MS-Outlook as Helpdesk solution for customer mails to Hotel and also B-and-B. You'll get a preset folder structure with the most common headlines which turn up in customer mails Hotel and also B-and-B,

Templates for the Fashion Helpdesk  v.1.00

Test Microsoft's Outlook as great helpdesk for customer queries directed at Fashion- + cloth-companies. The Plugin helps you with administration of the Fashion-text modules for the helpdesk.

Technology Logos f. Company Logo Des.  v.1.00

Why don't you simply create your new company logo yourself? You can't? Oh yes you can! This freelogo pack (yes, FREE as in NO MONEY INVOLVED) contains 25 design templates for great new Technology Logos.

Super: Outlook Duplikate l+Aschen  v.4.02

Deletes duplicate Kalendereintraege, mails+contacts with just 1 click.

Super ZeroClick Spellchecker  v.1.00

ZeroClick-Spellchecker automatically corrects typos and/or spelling mistakes in all Windows 7 (and older) applications that you use.

Super 1-Click Outlook Duplicate Delete  v.4.02

Deletes duplicate Kalendereintraege, mails+contacts with just 1 click.


With RightTime you can make all files in a directory tree on hour older or younger. This is useful if a time difference has evolved on a drive, for example due to a DST change. File times may be important for file or e-mail synchronizations, because the

RibbonSearch  v.1.03

Where is .

ReplyButler: Outlook boilerplate texts  v.5.04

How often did you type "Dear Mrs.

ReplyButler  v.4 12

This is an Outlook plug-in developed by ITSTH. ReplyButler handles email, this means that it organizes and replies to email quicker and easier.

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