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Sunlight Meditation  v.

This sunlight meditation guides you through a series of breathing practices. If you practice this meditation every day for 15 minutes over a period of several weeks, you will begin to experience its many beneficial effects both on your body and your

Stop Shopping  v.

Usually people overspend due to emotional issues that have been affecting their life, which they are trying to cover up through over spending. Impulse buying will get you into debt and if you keep doing this your problems will only get worse. Your

Stop Nail Biting  v.

This hypnosis session changes your thoughts to make it nearly impossible to bite or pick at your fingernails. This hypnosis will work for anyone that has a habit of chewing, biting, or picking their

Sleep Soundly  v.

Want to sleep soundly through the night? This session combines guided imagery with deep relaxation techniques. Most people can not stay awake long enough to get through the first track! The session guides you to relaxation and then gently lulls you

Hypnosis - PTSD  v.

Hypnosis is a very effective tool to heal the symptoms related to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some of the most common symptoms are difficulty sleeping, feeling irritable, anger outbursts, and trouble concentrating name a few. This self-hypnosis

Hypnosis - Anger Management  v.

Having problems managing your anger? This session focuses on the underlying issues beneath your anger and heals those issues. Listening to this session will help you intuitively calm down and handle any situation without getting angry. As an added

Hypnosis  v.

Overcome stress and anxiety with this hypnosis session. Stress and anxiety related illnesses are at an all time high, so learning stress management techniques to relax is extremely important for your mental and physical health. Hypnotherapy is very

Forgetting About Your Ex  v.

Having trouble getting past a relationship? Having memories about your ex that continue to bother you? Having trouble moving on or allowing yourself to meet someone new? If you answered yes, this session is for you. This session guides you to go

Fear of Flying  v.

This hypnosis session trains your subconscious mind to be fully prepared for each flight. This session allows you to be at ease through all aspects of your flight. It allows you to even look forward to future traveling! Eliminate your fear of

Exercise More  v.

Simply sit back and listen to this hypnosis session, and it will give you the motivation to get going and experience the exhilarating energy boost that regular exercise provides. Achieve a healthier, more toned body Feel energized and rejuvenated Be

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