Software Developed by Hannes Biribauer

Week View  v.

Version 2.3: - Show windows live calendars (private, office, birthdays, ...) in different colors. - 'Go To' a selected date from main page. - Create, edit and delete private appointments. - Create screenshots and store in media library. - Bugfixes

Nokia 3310 Phone  v.

This app brings back the original Nokia 3310 Phone 'user interface' ;) to your windows phone. It allows you to enter and dial a phone number with the original Nokia 3310 experience. This app was created in a limited amount of time for the Windows

LavaLamp  v.

LavaLamp shows a simulation of a lava lamp on your windows 7 phone. It uses the "perlin noise" function to draw lava. Perlin noise is a procedural texture primitive,

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