Software Developed by Gambana

Monkey's Tower  v.9.0.16

The game is based in the virgin jungles of Monkenya where harmony and peace have dwelled over the centuries. But one day Jack Iron decided to expand his business and build his next factory in these places.

Hyperballoid Golden Pack  v.1 22

In the world of fantastic mosaics and mystic patterns, Hyperballoid Golden Pack is an animated fun game where you must playing with a ball to destroy all the obstacles.

Fairy Arkanoid  v.1.0

Fairies are captured by evil dwarfs! Destroy dungeon blocks and free fairies! Use your skills collecting golden coins, magical jewels and extra life potion bottles. Fairys' blessings and dwarfs' curses will accompany you. May luck be your friend!

BookStories  v.9.0.16

BookStories is a fantastic word scramble game, that is both fun and educative. The idea is to help a librarian collect lost books and organize a scientific library. It is a good chance to exercise our minds in our spare time.

Book Stories

Are you crazy about books? Then its up to you to embark into the amazing word challenge you have never seen before! Test your word-building skills combining letters on the grid and help a young librarian get back all books, which were lost during the

Alchemy Mahjong

Now you can enjoy playing the Alchemy Mahjong! It's a well-known game with some new elements, that is actual a pleasant journey of brain-teasing fun for puzzle lovers of all ages! You have to build Golden Hour-glass, Sword, Adornment, Shield, Crown, and

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