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The Grind  v.

1.2 Patch Notes ----------------- - Bug Fix Purchasing Gear at lvl 76 - Autosaves per level ------------------ 1.1 Patch Notes ----------------- - Raised level cap to 200! - New Monsters and Loot! - Bug fixes - Spelling fixes!! ------------------

Catscade  v.

Enjoyed Cascade? Never heard of it? No worries! You'll enjoy Catscade! Same premise just now filled with awesome cat goodness! Start the chain of exploding cats and see if you have what it takes to stay on top of the leaderboards! Supports offline

Cascade Ex  v.

Version 1.2 Update --------------------- Recent Scores List - See who just played! Bug Fixes --------------------- Version 1.1 Update --------------------- Added a new shape - the Star Burst! 4 new levels and a 1 new bonus level, that's 20 levels

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