Software Developed by EuropeSoftwares

Fastemailer  v.2018

FastEmailer is a simple and professional software, accessible to all to achieve campaigns of emailing from any address SMTP. Import your data of a directory in a group, to create some subgroups.

EuropeSoftwares PJPro  v.1.0

Utility for extracting data from the white pages website. Make your selection, start the extraction, save the results of the extraction in a text file. Then import this data into a program like EuropeSoftwares FastEmailer to campaigns.

EuropeSoftwares EasyIconMaker  v.1.0

This software is essential to any person eager to carry out these proper Windows icons. Of share its convivial interface, it is simple to use and its easy control.

EuropeSoftwares EasyFtpClient  v.1.0

EasyFtpClient is conceived expressly for the users who dream to control the transfer of file by Internet in all simplicity. You will carry out your transfers of hand of Master.

EuropeSoftwares EasyBackup  v.6.0

This software allows for backups of EuropeSoftwares, software as well as a personal folder data backup configuration sheets.

EsBackup  v.2013

Software for backing up files and folders.

EmailChecker5  v.2018

This software is an utilitarian kid who permits via internet to interrogate the servers of messaging. He/it connects to the server of messaging, post the messages, and indicate to the user numbers it of messages.

EasyFtpClient  v.2018

easyFTPClient is conceived expressly for the users who dream to master the transfer of files by Internet in all simplicity. You will do your transfers of master hand. easyFTPClient assures the transfers of files toward servers FTP...

EasyDraw  v.2013.0.0

Drawing program very simple to create annotations or create menus integers on an image in the creation of a tutorial or a video.

DownloadChecker  v.2013

This software monitors the updating of files on the internet.

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