Software Developed by Easy HR Pty Ltd

Easy MDB MDE Compactor  v.1.0

Quickly and easily compact your Microsoft Access MDB & MDE files. When you add and delete records from database tables, your database becomes more and more fragmented and uses disk space inefficiently.

Easy Incident Manager Report Viewer  v.1.0

The software allows you to quickly and efficiently track incidents and injuries within your workplace. It it an easy to use and intuitive accident and incident database. Incident Records are easily located via a familiar and intuitive interface.

Easy HR XP Autologin  v.7 9

The Easy HR XP Auto Login application was designed to reset the registry key after each reboot to solve the problem.This application will make a single registry change, each time you run it. It sets the AUTOLOGIN registry setting to TRUE.

Easy HR Word Document Properties  v.7 9

This software utility quickly and easily sets the properties of multiple Microsoft Word documents. Simply select the Word files to process, enter the required properties, and press process.

Easy HR Website Monitor  v.7 9

Easy HR Website Monitor is a website monitoring tool that alerts the user as and when a website that is being monitored has become unreachable. Easy HR Website Monitor will repeat the website check according to the time period specified by the user.

Easy HR Timer Pro  v.2.0

Easy HR Countdown Timer Pro comes with a number of common preset times, as well as the ability to create your own unique shortcuts from within the application for your custom times.

Easy HR Sound Toggle  v.7 9

Easy HR Sound Toggle is a simple application to turn the sound ON and OFF. With this application you can create shortcuts on your desktop for one-click sound toggling.

Easy HR Random Record Finder  v.7 9

Use this utility to select a random record in a text file. Just select the text file to search, and press go and your random record will be quickly generated.

Easy HR PC Uptime  v.7 9

Easy HR Computer Uptime is a usefull utility that tells you the computer name, and how long your computer has been running (uptime) since it was last rebooted.

Easy HR File Association Fixer and  v.7 9

Easy HR File Association Fixer and Checker easily checks current file associations and easily setup or fix file associations. A file association is an association between a file and a program.

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