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Vista Live pack for Windows XP  v.3.0

This new version of pack brings a few changes: - Fixed dark toolbar to normal, added Viorb 2 - Fixed title bar font problem - Fixed classic startmenu images - Added more live style elements: - Scrollbars, buttons etc.

Temperature Taskbar  v.1.1

Simple temperature monitor for the Windows 7 taskbar, will show dasic temperature notifier for your PC. Same thing as RAM CPU Taskbar, but for temperature. The default used colors are green (represents a normal level),

Seven Remix XP  v.

Windows 7 Remix Theme for XP Users. Many of you have preferred to continue using XP, although you had experience Windows 7 Beta. But if you were one of those that look the latter has not left indifferent,

Seven Jump  v.0.3

Seven Jump lets you create your own Jumplist, create your own Jumplists in Windows 7. Its easy to configure and will do its job in no time.You can now create jumplist in two different modes: "Jumplist" and "Advanced Jumplist".

RAM CPU Taskbar  v.1.6.1

Simple RAM meter for the Windows 7 taskbar, displays a progress bar behind it.RAM CPU Taskbar Features: 1. Colour changer - Normal, warning and critical colours 2. Warning and critical percentage changer 3. Data source - Paging, physical or both 4.

Quick DD  v.1.0

Quick DD is a simple software to browse through daily deviations. Quick DD is a small software that will allow you to view the deviation from a specific day. Just select any Date (from 01 - 31), Month (Jan - Dec) and any Year (2000 - 2020).

Librarian  v.1.0

Librarian can organize your system's libraries, offer users an easy way to manage Windows 7s libraries. Librarian Features: * Create a new library with any folder(s) inside * Change librarys icon through standard Windows dialog * Rename library *

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