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Vista Battery Saver  v.1.0

Most operating systems allow you to set different behaviors while a laptop is being used on battery or with ac power.

UppityUp 0.1 Beta  v.1.0

The UppityUp application was developed to be a simple and light-weight tray tool which monitors a remote server and shows a notification when it comes online.

Sitemaps.NET  v.1.1.0


Send HTML Mail Task  v.1.0.2

The Send HTML Mail Task package will allow users to send email in plain-text or HTML format in an easy to configure task for Integration Services.

S9Pal  v.

The S9Pal application was developed to be a tool for assembling and syncing custom content to an S9 or J3 device.

RTP RSS Feed  v.02.00.00

The RTP RSS Feed DotNetNuke module will generate an RSS feed from a SQL query defined in the module settings.

MVMMapper SDK 1.0.1 Alpha  v.1.0

The MVMMapper package will help you generate the ViewModel and its mapping to the Model when implementing MVVM in .

HtmlToOpenXml  v.1.2

A library to convert simple or advanced html to plain OpenXml document.

HSS Core Framework  v.4.3.200

The HSS Core Framework will extend the .

Fotofly  v.0.5

Fotofly was development to be a comprehensive C# library for reading and writing metadata stored in jpg photos using WPF and the Windows Imaging Component.

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