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Charny Screenshot Tool  v.1.4

Charny Screenshot Tool can take screenshots of your screen fast and easily. It enable you to change the image format and set the hotkeys. The image name is followed by a number, so if you write "Screenshot" in the textbox,

Charny NotePad  v.1.0

Charny NotePad is an advanced and strong text editor. It's fast and easy-to-use.Features : 1. Tab system 2. Line numbering 3. Find/Replace function with regex support 4. Format functions (Alignment, bulleting, change font, etc) 5. Edit functions

Charny List Maker  v.1.0

Will help you to make detailed lists. Charny List Maker is a useful software that will help you to do lists. It's easy to understand and to use. The lists are saved as XML files. You can also export them as HTML files.Requirements: * NET

Charny Autotyper  v.1.1

An automatic form filler. Charny Autotyper is an useful and reliable software that lets you autotype into any application, document, web form, etc. You can change the intervals between sentences.Requirements: * .NET

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