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BibleMax Vincent's Word Studies (Book)  v.1.0

Marvin Richardson Vincent (1834-1922) was a renowned American clerygman and author. Among many other works, he wrote a comprehensive commentary named Word Studies in the New Testament, published between 1887 and 1889.

BibleMax Treasury of Scripture  v.1.0

BibleMax is a free Biblical program with many interesting features. One of them is the possibility of enhancing the core program by adding many extra modules according to your needs.

BibleMax Thayer's Greek Definitions  v.1.0

Joseph Henry Thayer (1828-1901) was an important American Bible scholar whose most significant work is arguably his Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament.

BibleMax Thai Bible  v.1.0

Thai is the official language of Thailand, and is spoken by more than 80 percent of the population. Although Christendom was introduced in Thailand in the 16th century, Christians constitute only 0.

BibleMax Tagalog Ang Biblia  v.1.0

Tagalog Ang is one of the languages spoken in Philipphines. Since in that country one of the most widespread religions is Christianism in its various different denominations, it is very appropirate to have the Bible translated to that language.

BibleMax Swedish Bible  v.1.0

Swedish is a Germanic language that is spoken mainly in Sweden and in some areas of Finland. This BibleMax module features a Swedish translation of the Bible.

BibleMax Spurgeon Devotional  v.1.0

BibleMax is free software for reading and studying the Holy Bible from the convenience of your computer desktop.

BibleMax Russian Synodal Text Bible  v.1.0

Russian is a Slavic language spoken mainly in Russia and other former USSR countries. This BibleMax module features a version of the Bible in Russian.

BibleMax Romanian Orthodox Bible  v.1.0

The Eastern Orthodox Church is the dominant Christian denomination in Eastern European countries, including Romania.

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