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Stock Yield  v.

This simple application allows you to quickly view the yield/return on your stock investment. It allows you to calculate the return on your investment in dividends and in capital gain when/if you sell your shares. A must have for investment

Sleep Calculator  v.

How much sleep do you think you get? By entering the time you sleep and the time you wake up, this application will let you know how many hours of sleep you'll get - and if you're getting

Rhymer  v.

Have you ever counted through the alphabet trying to find another word that rhymes with your word? This extremely simple application makes your life ever so easier by displaying your word with the entire alphabet, so you can find the rhyming word


Are you an Economist, economics student or a person that is interested in New Zealand Economics? This application displays the current Offiical Cash Rate and the corresponding inflation rate for the period using data from the Reserve Bank of New

NZ Tax Calculator  v.

A simple tax calculator for New Zealanders! This application will estimate how much tax you have paid/pay annually as well as the compulsary ACC levy. Tax Data based on IRD Website as of

H2O Reminder  v.

Do you chronically forget to take drinks of water, resulting in severe dehydration? Dehydration has significant negative health effects, and can even lead to death. Using this application, you can setup toast notifications or live tiles to ensure

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