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The Magic Blackboard

Using just a bat, keep the balls in play and destroy all the bricks to progress through hundreds of levels. The slowly descending bricks encourage strategic play, while the large number of power ups and ball types give endless combinations of game play.

Magsic  v.1 3

Magsic - Medium Length - Difficult - No Text Quaver ventures deep into the surreal unconsciousness of van Gogh's discarded ear.

Chromentum 2

Chromentum 2 is one epic puzzle adventure. Help Goldy and Sweety in restoring their world to paradise by moving and shooting Chromates onto the circles. 16 Chromate types, full level editor and hundreds of levels, all with complete solutions, go to make

Chromentum  v.1 10

The Chromates are a cute race of strange quantum particles. They travel throughout the universe seeking intelligent life forms. They are here, and are they are studying us. Once a world develops an internet, the Chromates release Chromentum.

Chromadrome 2  v.

Chromadrome 2 is an addictive driving game where you have to advance through tracks full of obstacles, very hard curves, and even complete loops.

Bog's Adventures in the Underworld  v.2.0

Point and click adventure games are not everyone's cup of tea. However they provide a tremendously diverse platform where literally 'anything goes'. Clod, Bog's wife, inadvertently wishes Bog would go to hell, during a failed Valentine's Day meal.

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