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Run and schedule your application without the need of a user session Run most executable: 16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit and batch files, Ja Run custom applications developed using Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Delphi Let your program interact with

Service+  v.4. 2. 1957

Start, Stop and Restart multiple service at the same time Edit all service properties (Startup, Account, Dependencies, Name, Path, etc.) Simultaneously edit multiple service properties (Startup, Account) Remove services Terminate un-responding

MailMill COM x64  v.1.2.5

MailMill COM is a component that allows easy email creation and sending.

MailMill .NET

MailMill .NET is a SMTP/MIME component 100% .NET Managed Code written in C# . It enables easy email creation and sending and lets you considerably speed up your development. Features: - Send HTML email with embedded images. - Send

EMill Professional 5.10.55 Rev  v.0

eMill is the emailing studio with a difference that includes all the tools that your organization needs to effectively produce, deliver and automate highly customized email communication.


From a PC or any web browser, eMill is a flexible software that helps users intuitively and effectively handle simple to very complex emailing projects. It handles the entire email marketing chain from the creation of lists and messages to the sending and

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