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Speaking Times Tables  v.

TiTaTu is a speaking tutor that goes straight to the goal of making the trainer master times tables up to 10x10 by heart. Training progress is visualized by a game-like animation where characters jump faster and faster based on your skills. Default

Create Your Game  v.

Make your own games and play! Or amaze your friends by sending them the games you have made! Sharing games with friends is as easy as sharing images because games can be exported to and imported from the phone's picture library as JPEG images. You

3D Tanks Multiplayer  v.

Team with other Windows Phone users and conquer the World, in this 3d multi-player shooter game featuring amazing 3d animations and visual effects! Give your tanks distinctive colors and join one of the 8 factions battling for the control of 400

3D Paperball NoAd  v.

This is the paid version of 3D Paperball. It is identical to the free (ad-supported) version, except that this one has no advertisement in it (more screen space for the game!). Note that the global leaderboard used by this paid version of the game

3D Paperball  v.

Flick the paperball into the bin in a true 3d environment with credible 3d physics. Multiple shooting styles are supported! For example, use bounces against objects to redirect the ball into the basket and get extra paperballs. Or shake the phone

3D Marble Tracks  v.

Challenge other Windows Phone 7 users around the globe in this marble race game, sporting amazing 3d graphics and realistic 3d physics! Paint your marble with your favorite colors, so other players can recognize you in their races and leaderboards.

3D Ladybird  v.

Flick the ladybug around the maze, collecting flowers and strawberries. Use turnstiles strategically to cut predator bees' path. Collect letters to compose the word EXTRA and gain additional ladybugs. Reach the bees' nest to grab their honey and

3D Boat Race  v.

Paint your powerful speedboat and challenge other Windows Phone users on 100 different tracks, to become the top pilot worldwide! Or perform free roaming stunts in a dedicated playground, while relaxing between races! 3D game with realistic 3d

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